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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hookers Dolly still quiet, but visitors are booming

PSK Dolly
Hookers Dolly
SURABAYA - After Eid, area brothel back writhing in Surabaya, especially in the area of ​​Dolly in Surabaya.
Although not many prostitutes are practicing, but the man masher was passing by on a number of guesthouses in the area of ​​Dolly, Surabaya.
Based on observations Bakesbang Well Surabaya City Government, at H +4 Lebaran, just yesterday about 10 percent of prostitutes in Dolly that has been the practice. Currently the number of prostitutes in Dolly and Distance (localization adjacent to the Dolly) of about 1,350 people.
"It still looks a lot of empty seats at Dolly's house guest-house. The bench or couch, usually filled by the scantily clad girls who peddle the pleasures of love lightning. Indeed, all the house was open, but the hooker is still very little. We have a report, only 10 percent are already working, "said Chief Bakesbang Soemarno Well Surabaya City Government, on Sunday (04/09/2011) night.
According Soemarno, guests who come more precisely, than the prostitutes who work. "From our observation, his little whore, but guests are many, the term a lot of demand, but little things," he added jokingly Soemarno.
To anticipate the emergence of new prostitutes, Soemarno claims will do the scrutiny of the entire house in localization in Surabaya, including Dolly. Soemarno admitted that he would wait until all the prostitutes in operation before performing surgery.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Accident, Wife dies Saipul Jamiell

Saiful Jamil with wife
Saiful Jamil with wife

Sad news came from pedangdut Saipul Jamiell. Together with his wife, had an accident on the highway Ipul Padalarang km 97, Saturday (09/03). The news was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations Purbaleunyi Jasa Marga, Iwan Mulyawan when confirmed this afternoon.
Expresses, the accident occurred on Saturday (3 / 9) around 10:00 pm. The car containing five people is by avoiding an accident because the bus. The accident was not inevitable. Latest news, Ipul was rushed to hospital to receive treatment. "Saipul taken to hospital in Purwakarta, West Java. He was injured," he said at the end of the phone.
The crash claimed the lives of a people. The victim died was identified a woman named Virginia who is nothing but a wife Saipul Jamiell.
"The news we get is his wife. The victim is now taken to a funeral home in Bandung," said Iwan. Until now, both Saipul Jamiell and his management team can not be questioned about it.
It was shocking news for all parties as we know Saipul and Virginia recently married last March 10, 2011. Good deeds Virginia received at his side.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

TKI in Salter Sekupang given stale rice

BATAM - Some workers who left at the Salter Social Service (Social Affairs) Sekupang Batam since a week ago, were only fed once a day. They were given white rice, sambal eggplant every day.

Four days ago, they were given a raw uncooked tempeh. Tempe was foul-smelling mucus. From the observation Tribune on Friday (09/02/2011), tempeh is still in the box and pulled out a pleasant aroma.

"We were given tempe already smelling and mucus. We are told to eat home cooking with a subscription Dinsos reasons not open during the fasting month and Eid," says Widia, migrant workers from Central Java when interviewed at Salter Social Affairs, on Friday (2 / 9 / 2011) afternoon.

However, they do not want to cook it. They reasoned fear that eating foods that can hurt. when they first arrived, these workers are 40 people and now just be left over 22 people and four people plus a toddler. Those who go there to pick up family and adajuga who go at their own expense.

"Initially we came to Batam mas there were about 40 people, most of them were picked up and gone their own families," he said.

Not long after M Sahir, Kadis Dinsos came to Salter. He said that the information submitted by the prospective migrant workers is not true.

"That's all we really do not have a budget of Rp 7,000 for one meal, and they are fed twice a day," he said.

Friday, September 2, 2011

KPK Extend Period of Detention Nazaruddin

Depok - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to extend the detention period of Muhammad Nazaruddin. Extension of custody to the alleged bribery case Athletes Guesthouses in Kilkenny was carried out up to 40 days.

"Extended the expiration of 20 days. Extended another 40 days," said attorney Nazaruddin, Afrian Bondjol in Mako Brimob, Kelapa Dua, Depok, on Friday (01/09/2011).
Known, the detention period has expired Nazaruddin on 1 September 2011. KPK has detained husband Neneng Sri Wahyuni ​​since August 13, 2011 after Interpol arrested in Cartagena, Colombia.

Nazaruddin alleged violation of Article 5 or paragraph 2 and Article 12 letters a and b and or Article 11 of Law no. 31 of 1999 as amended by Law no. 20 Year 2001 on Eradication of Corruption.

Nazaruddin had requested the transfer of prisoners from Mako Brimob house to Cipinang. But until now the demand is not met by the KPK.

"Though Mr. Nazaruddin not ask surety, a city jail or house. He just wants to move the crease and just like any other prisoner of corruption," concluded Afrian.

Free ticket to watch the Iran-Indonesia

Soccer Field
TEHERAN - Iran's Football Federation (IFF) Azadi Stadium to open the door wide open for the Iranian national team fans to come support the crucial match against Indonesia. With this move, expected to Iranian citizens who fully support the national team that won the dibesut Carlos Queiroz pertangindan opponent Indonesia.

Such announcements are monitored through the IFF Persian Football forums. "IFF has announced that the game is free. No charge. So all the Iranian national team fans have to come, if not embarrassing," said a person with account Keano.

According to him, the fans should support the Team Melli Iran (Iran's nickname) this time. "We have world-class coaches, we have the best players, Azadi Stadium should be filled with fans," he hoped.

Azadi Stadium is the largest stadium in Iran. Standing on the hill around the Alborz. The capacity is 100 thousand seats. Page dub this stadium as one of the most hideous stadium in Asia, because of Iran's militancy fans.

12 Special Teams of Navy divers Deployed

Kendari (ANTARA) - At least 12 people specialized team of divers from the Navy Jakarta will do dive in the sinking of the KMP site Windu Karsa Lambasina Kolaka in marine waters, Southeast Sulawesi, on Friday (26 / 8).

Head of the rescue team and rescue (SAR) Kendari, Djoni Sitorus when contacted by Reuters who was at Kolaka said Friday, the team's new special divers will arrive today and tomorrow directly to the site and do peneyelaman to the region's ill-fated ship sank,

He said, until well into the sixth day, the combined rescue team of several agencies until now still continue to do a search of victims who lost masig.

"Saturday (3 / 9) tomorrow, a team of Navy divers will dive to the seabed where the ship sank Karsa Windu," he said.

He said it still continues to do a search of victims along there is no command to stop the search.

According Djoni, undiscovered victims estimated at 24 people including the Vice Regent of the North Kolaka, Hj Suhariah Muin and ajudanya Suriyani.

The process of search for victims, said Djoni, besides involving Search and Rescue team also assisted a number of parties including the team's Emergency Response Group (ERG) PT Antam down together to help the search process conducted Basarnas.

KMP Windu Karsa, which departs from the port Bajoe South Sulawesi, on Friday (26 / 8) at around 14:00 pm that sank in the waters Lambasina, District Wundulako, or about 10 miles from the port of Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi.

Thus, victims who have been found in conditions of as many as 13 people died.

The names of the victims are first identified and has been buried by their kin among Musnira (21), Bustam (50), Takbir (23), Hj Naisah (35), Ifa (9) and three single family namely Lina Hj ( 45), Anwar (24) and Manda (20).

Then Agus Setiono (46), and John Lempe (50) is at PT Antam Pomalaan pensiuanan. While there are two other papers have not been identified, but was buried in Kolaka, does away with the other victims that were buried by their kin.

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